Who needs CRM?

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CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a tool or a set of strategies that are used to generate leads, organize, manage, and track the prospects through the entire sales cycle efficiently. But who uses CRM tools? And who uses CRM platform? Well, you do!!! Why, you ask? Well, if you are reading this article, your business is the one that:

  • Has a sales team.

  • Uses any form of marketing

  • Creates Quotations and Invoices

  • Wants to give the best customer experience

  • Wants to increase efficiency, productivity, and sales revenue. 

If any one of the above points holds true for your business, then you need a CRM. inji Software is a CRM that incorporates the features that can be used to accomplish not one, but all the requirements of a business. It has the best contact management tools that help you have the best communication with your customers. The lead management feature of the software makes sure that the leads are auto-generated for you, and their follow up becomes effortless for you. Similarly, quotations and invoice management is a matter of seconds with inji Software

Managing human resources and task management is also made easy with the software. It also makes sure that your sales and marketing strategies are coordinated well and are optimized, thus providing you with the best result. Your business might in any industry, but inji software makes sure that it fulfills the requirements of your business with its features that are curated by the industry experts. 

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