What is a good CRM?

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A good Customer Relationship Management Software is the one with the below characteristics:

i) It is easily integrated with your business: It does not require a lot of effort and time to be integrated with your business and lets you easily transfer data from the existing database. 

ii) Easy to Use: It should be easy to use by your employees. It should have an easy user interface, good storage capacity, and of course, good customer support.

iii) Easy insights: the CRM should be able to provide insights into your business. Thus a good CRM should have great reports and dashboards features. The dashboards should be customizable to your needs. 

iv) Adaptability: Not only should the CRM be able to fulfill the current needs of your business, but it should also be able to fulfill your requirements when you grow your business. 

v) Features: The features of the CRM should be such that you do not need any other software to meet the requirements of your business.

vi) Provides the best Customer Experience: Most importantly, the CRM should be able to help you provide the best customer experience to your customers. 

inji Software fulfills all these criteria and more with its world-class features that are specially created by the industry experts to fulfill the requirements of all the industry types. It provides features like online invoicing software, product/ service delivery management, account, contact and client management, vendor management, email marketing, sales automation, profit management, HR management, task management, and much more. 

inji Software does not only provide these wide varieties of features but it also integrates these features in such a way that makes sure that you get the optimized result for your sales cycle. Right from adding a person as a lead, to converting him to a customer, to providing him the best customer service till the product/ service delivery and beyond, inji Software makes sure that you’re on top of everything, thus ensuring the best customer experience for your customer and ensuring a loyal customer that is retained for life. 

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