What does CRM stand for?

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It was developed as software for businesses to facilitate customer interaction. With evolution over the years, it has become a strategy for building great relationships of the business with the customers, such that the relationship grows into a healthy one and the customer is retained. It allows businesses to manage these relationships and the information related to the customer more efficiently. 

There are many CRM available in the market. These CRM come with various features and technological capabilities to make life easy for both the customers and the businesses.  inji Software stands unique among these. Maintaining a healthy customer relationship is the most crucial aspect of a growing business, and inji Software does it the best. It provides an array of features, best suited for all industry types and all businesses. These features are curated by industry experts. The software can be adapted according to the size of the business. 

Some of the CRM features of this software are accounting management, HR management, customer review management, and delivery management, which are all difficult to find in the same CRM system. This makes sure that you do not have to implement different software in your business for different departments. This all in one CRM fulfills all the requirements of your business, while providing the best customer service. 

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