What are the key elements of CRM?

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The key elements of CRM are:

  • Contact and Client Management

  • Customer Service

  • Accounting Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Leads Management

  • Salesforce Automation

  • Marketing

  • Reports

  • Task Management

inji Software incorporates all these features and more with the best in class customer service. It helps in generating automated leads directly from your landing pages. These leads can easily be imported to your CRM and then later be worked upon. Through reminders and timely notifications, it makes sure that all the follow-ups are done on time, and that you are always updated on your meeting schedules.  Thus lead generation and management are made easy through this CRM. It helps you with accounting management, thus taking care of the revenue and profit, vendor and supplier payment, payable and receivables, etc. It also helps in managing tasks by assigning tasks to the concerned employees and keeping a track of the progress of the tasks. The reports of tasks and accounts are auto-generated in the CRM so that you get the overall insights of the business in one go. 

Sales cycles and marketing are also automated with the help of inji Software. It also helps in managing the backbone of the business, your employees, with the HR management feature where it makes it easy for you to handle payroll, attendance and leave, and document management. Customer reviews can also be easily centralized and imported from every social media platform and review forms with the help of inji Software. Thus inji Software proves to be an all in 1 CRM, which coordinated all the verticals of your business under one platform, ensuring a smooth operation and seamless coordination between various departments. This helps in decreasing the operational cost while increasing efficiency and sales revenue. 

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