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Simple CRM service plays a significant role in the growth of a business and almost all businesses from small to large scale need to have a customer relationship management software for efficiently managing their customer data and interaction.

Some online CRM services are offered for free by the Vendors. But as you know quality always has a price. So, let us see how effective free online CRM software can be for your business.

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Free Online CRM Software Features

Leads in Free CRM

Free CRM software can capture leads and lets you create leads but like the paid CRM softwares it is not well optimized to identify and filter the best leads for you.

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Security of Servers

Open-source CRM software servers are not safe to use because their servers are not secure enough. Safe and secure servers are costly to operate and cannot be provided for free. Users have to invest in a firewall.

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CRM Data Storage

Open-source CRM software has limited storage and management of data because unlimited storage capacity is expensive to maintain and cannot be provided for free.

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Free CRM tools

Free CRM systems do not offer additional tools like free invoicingfree book-keeping features that are very useful along with online CRM.

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Complex Design

The free CRM software has complex designs and features made for as low cost as possible. It can prove to be difficult to use for your employees.

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Not completely free

Free CRM tools are free to install and use but most useful features are usually locked and users have to pay additional charges for unlocking these features.

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Free CRM tools provide no or very limited customization options to users.

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Integration CRM Tools

Open-source softwares are not easy to integrate with other softwares and applications.

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Customer Support

Free Online CRM software providers cannot give proper customer support and most of the support is through portals.

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Free Lead Management System

A free CRM system provides you with a lead system. You can collect and generate leads from your website, social handles, etc. but there are certain limitations.

  • Limit to the storage of leads
  • No option to customize the lead pipeline.
  • No lead filtration
  • No proper storage of data
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Free CRM tools

CRM software vendors give you the software for free to install and use but these softwares are not completely free they usually have some or the other hidden costs. Generally, free softwares have updated paid software versions with additional features that the users will have to purchase to use.

Several services and paid plugins for open source CRM tools are required for better usage and functionality.

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Lead Flow Reports

CRM lead reports can prove to be a game-changer for your business. You get all the information related to your lead flow and generation to easily find out where is the maximum number of leads coming from, how are the leads being worked on to convert them into business deals and reach out to the customer.

A paid CRM software gives you daily customized accurate reports but for a free CRM system, it will be a far fetched dream and no guarantee of accuracy.

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Free Quotation CRM program

Quotations play a significant role in the business because it is what you send as an offer to start a business deal or for customers to purchase your product. Attractive quotations can get your deal finalized in no time.

A good quotation system must allow you to customize the complete quotation according to your requirements and liking. But in a free CRM system, users have very limited customization options and quotation tracking system is also not efficient.

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Article for Top CRM Software

Free CRM Software Vs. the Best CRM Software

CRM Software can prove to be very beneficial for your business if implemented right with the right features. CRM program‘s basic requirements are to ease the business processes and save time for companies and users to focus on essential aspects of the business.

As a business owner, you will know for sure that quality has a price and it cannot be purchased or provided for free. But, some CRM software vendors offer free CRM for small business, the question here is are they free and usable? Or paid software is the best for your small business. Let us check

Top CRM Software

  • Free CRM – It provides a lead management system that lets you capture and make leads from your website, other pages, your social media pages, etc. It stores and manages your data in the CRM database but there is a limit to the amount of data you can save.
  • Paid CRM – You can enjoy all the free CRM features and along with that additional features like filtering and showing you the best leads possible, enjoy unlimited storage, customize CRM pipeline,  get daily lead reports etc.

Security with Best CRM for Small Business

  • Free CRM – The data in online CRM is stored in clouds hosted by third-party servers. Secure servers are expensive to maintain and free CRM vendors cannot assure the storage of data in secure servers.
  • Paid CRM – Paid CRM software vendors store the data in the most secure cloud servers and take full responsibility for the security of your precious data.

Additional Features for Best CRM for Small Business

  • Free CRM – Users are provided with the open-source CRM services only and for additional features, users have to pay or install other software or plugins.
  • Paid CRM – These are a complete package where users are provided with many different features like invoicing, marketing tools., order delivery management, etc. beneficial features at affordable prices.

Design of the Top CRM Software

  • Free CRM – Many users complain that free online CRM software is usually very complex to use due to design and poor interface. Sometimes businesses have to pay charges to train their employees to use the software.
  • Paid CRM- General CRM software is very user-friendly and has a very easy to use interface. Users also have an option to receive free training from the vendors if required.

Additional/Hidden Charges of Free Online CRM Software

  • Free CRM – It is seen that open CRM system vendors usually provide better CRM software but additional features for a fee. In the free CRM software, some services have hidden charges and additional charges like users have to pay for extra features, payment is required for usage of data storage for more than the provided limit and many other expenses.
  • Paid CRM – Users just have to pay for the monthly subscription and rest other services and features are entirely free to use with guaranteed no hidden charges.

Integration with Top CRM Software

  • Free CRM – This software is not easy to integrate with third-party applications or software that important for carrying business tasks. Users have to manually transfer all the data from one software to another according to their usage which can result in the wastage of time.
  • Paid CRM – Paid softwares easily integrate with third-party services and saves the user from the hassle of exporting and importing data.

Customization in Free Online CRM Software

  • Free CRM – Customization options are not available in the free CRM software. Users have to use the software they get it.
  • Paid CRM – Users have tons of customization options in paid CRM. Users can make optimum use of the CRM software by customizing it according to their needs.

All these points are enough to prove that Free CRM cannot help your business and work as a real CRM software is intended to. So, don’t waste your time with free CRM and switch to an affordable paid subscription-based CRM.

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