How Sales CRM can help to Increase Sales?

As you are aware that Simple CRM software can help boost the growth of your business by giving you a platform to interact with your customers and manage your data efficiently but along with all these services an online CRM system can also help you in increasing the sales of your products & services.

Take your business to the next best level with the help of below listed Sales CRM features.

Sales CRM Software Features

User-Friendly Leads Management System

Top CRM programs are very user friendly. It monitors and helps you capture leads from different sources like your website and other platforms easily.

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Salesforce tool  for Follow-ups

In mobile CRM application users can add salesforce follow-ups and the CRM saas makes sure they never miss any important follow-ups.

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Multi-Currency Quotation

Sales CRM softwares have built-in artificial intelligence with which you can create and convert multi-currency quotations easily.

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Bulk Lead Assign

Online CRM software allows users to assign more than 1000+ leads at a time to the employees to work on them and bring in business opportuinities

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Salesforce Automation

With salesforce tools many repetitive salesforce tasks like scheduling tasks, setting reminders, etc. can be automated to save time.

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Graphical CRM Reports

You can check the graphical CRM reports based on your website analytics which can help you in forecasting your sales and making important decisions.

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Track Customer Delivery

Keep track of the delivery of your products and services. Make sure the products reach the right customers at the right time and securely.

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Salesforce Saas Integration

A Sales CRM software can integrate with third-party services which can help save the hassle of exporting and importing data from one software to another.

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Quotation Reminders

Salesforce tools allow users to track and send the quotation reminder. If the clients do not take any action for the sent quotation on time.

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Insights and CRM Reports

The best CRM system monitors your website landing pages and insights on your social media pages in real-time. It checks which part of your website is catching the customer’s attention mostly and which parts are not liked by the customers. On your social media pages, it checks how many people check out your page and how many people see your posts and react to it, etc.

Users get customized CRM reports with all the important information need by the users properly in a spreadsheet via email or in graphics

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Salesforce Automation

Appointment plays an important role in the sales process as business deals and big opportunities can be cracked in appointments. So you would never want to miss any important appointments. With online CRM tools, you can automate appointments and get timely reminders through notifications and emails.

Your online CRM software will make sure you never miss any appointments.

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Product Reviews Management

CRM software system makes sure you never miss reviews and feedbacks from your precious customers as they are the key to the growth of your business. Receive regular delivery reports and work on the feedback regarding products and make them better according to customer requirements.

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Delivery tracking CRM Program

Manage all the orders by your customers at one place and keep track of the delivery of the products to the customers in your CRM database. Save all the following details

  • Ordered product details
  • Customer address and contact details
  • Courier Details
  • Order Id
  • Packaging details
  • Expected delivery date
  • Payment mode
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How Sales CRM helps to Increase Sales?

With the increasing competition and customer preferences, it has become really important for companies to manage their relationships with existing customers and to reach potential customers. Simple CRM software can help you in solving this problem and grow your business.

CRM can help in increasing sales in the following ways:

Automation of Tasks

Sales consist of several time-consuming processes like scheduling appointments, follow up reminders, and making payments on time and many more tasks. CRM software automates these processes which lower the chances of delays and helps you cut down your manual work by up to 70 – 80% giving you enough time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Generating and Pursuing the right leads

Generating leads play a vital role in the sales cycle. Sales CRM software helps you in analyzing and following leads that can be converted into a potential business opportunity. You can add links to your social media pages and follow up on the captured leads on your website and social media pages and engage with your customers.

Complete Collection of Leads and Customer Information

A CRM software system automatically saves leads and information of customers visiting your website. So whenever you are want to convert a lead or contact a customer, you can refer to it.

Client Management System

CRM software provides you with a client management system with which you can manage different types of customers easily. Whether they are your direct customers (B2C) or sales partners (B2B) or your corporate clients.

Manage Customer Feedbacks

CRM program helps you in the automation of the feedbacks from the customers. This helps you in identifying whether they are the leads for a potential business opportunity or suggestions from the customers so that they can be worked on accordingly.

Order and Delivery Management

CRM system provides you with a very useful and efficient order and delivery management system. It can help you track each and every product and service delivery so that you can assure timely and safe delivery of your product to your customer and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Maintaining One to One Relationship with Customers

A simple CRM program can help you in maintaining good relationships with your customers. As you have all the data of your customers in one place, you can quickly identify your regular customers and offer them loyalty points and other exclusive offers that can help retain your customers for long.

Retaining Customers

Best CRM program helps you with several different facilities to communicate and stay in touch with your customers, be it through promotional discounts or new product launch offers, special occasion greetings, and so on. This can help in making the customer feel valued and gaining their loyalty.

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