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Wondering which the best customer management software in the market is? Don’t worry we got you covered. Let us see which are the five of the best client management software for your business with the best features.

Following are the best CRM softwares available in the market for client management:

Inji Software

Inji software is an all-in-one business software with the best CRM system features in the market at an affordable rate of $49 per month for 3 users. The following are the features that make the Inji software the best CRM system in the market.

Inji software generates leads from the best sources that can be turned into potential business opportunities. Users can customize the leads pipeline to generate leads according to their requirements, save unlimited leads, and keep a track of them to increase the conversion rate.

Inji software manages all your contacts in the CRM database and keeps them organized in the best way possible. All the contacts can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere over the internet on smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Never miss out on any customer interactions with the best online CRM tools. Better management of customer relations will lead to growth in sales as well as retaining customers. Store all the client profiles with all the client’s contact details, order history, other pieces of information such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  • Product/Service delivery management

Ensure on-time delivery of the product and services to the customer with Inji software. Track delivery from your premises to the customer’s address at each step and get regular reports about the delivery status.

  • Appointments fixing

Inji software lets users automate appointments fixing and sends email reminders and notifications to the users so that no important appointments go unnoticed or missed.

  • CRM reports and analytics

In the Inji software, users are allowed to check real-time analytics on the and users get customized reports for different business operations, leads generation, etc to keep a check on the performance of your business and take necessary steps if required.

  • Best customer support

Inji software provides the best support for all the customer problems and it makes sure that all the user complaints get resolved as soon as possible and the best service is given to all the customers. Check all the reviews and feedbacks by the customers in one place and make sure every feedback is taken seriously and worked upon without going unnoticed.

These are some of the customer relationship management system features provided by Inji software.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a good online CRM software with an efficient leads management system and a dedicated document library. Zoho comes with a good contact management system to help you store customer contacts. It also offers meeting and webinar solutions along with 24×7 support. It gives reports for business operations and performance. Zoho is famous for its opportunity tracking tool that allows users to see the sales cycle of the customers.


Salesforce is a simple and powerful CRM system with a large share of the customer base in the market. It helps users to manage the leads efficiently with complete information of the customers. It comes with a fruitful process management system that helps in keeping a track of all the process status and employees working in the company. It also has a dedicated document library to manage all the documents important for the business.

Netsuite CRM

Netsuite is among the best CRM softwares to keep a real-time track of all the customers through analytics and customizable dashboards. Netsuite allows users to manage relationships with customers as well as business partners and along with that it allows users to keep complete track of all the employees working in the organization. It also allows users to develop customizable apps for smartphones and tablets for easy access to the software.


Pipedrive CRM’s prime focus is on the management of sales with visual pipeline management technology. It comes with a hosting infrastructure to make sure the business is fully operational at all times. It collects leads through custom lead forms. Pipedrive CRM program has a very well optimized mobile-friendly interface. It gives reports about business performance as well as profits management.

So these are the best CRM systems in the market and after the comparison, we are sure that you might have understood that the Inji software is the best software for your business. Check out Inji Software Now!!

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