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The best online CRM system to manage all your customer details and make your and your employee’s work as easy as possible. Let us find out how an Online CRM system can help you in your work.

Why this CRM Software?

  • Convert more leads into business opportunities
  • Completely cloud-based CRM software
  • No.1 CRM system
  • Automate your business process
  • No BIG investment
  • Pay as you grow !! Monthly !!!
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What all you get in this best CRM software?

Manage CRM Leads.

All the captured leads from your website and social media platforms organized and stored properly in the Online CRM database for your convenience.

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Manage and Create Online Invoices

Exclusively designed online invoicing software for your company with features like making Estimates, Quotations, Easy CRM integration, Automated Invoices, Different Templates, etc.

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Clients and Vendor Management

The Best CRM system that keeps all the clients and vendors related information in one place for you. Easily access all the details whenever you need them.

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CRM Contacts Management

Comprehensive CRM contact management software to keep all your customer’s contact information in one place, in the format and sequence you require.

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Marketing via Email

Stay in touch and keep your customers updated with your new products and services and attract new potential customers. Marketing through Simple CRM for Gmail.

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Managing Expenses

Manage & track all your expenses with online accounting software to prevent unnecessary usage of funds. Allocate funds wherever necessary only

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Profit Management

Easily check how much profits you made in tour business deals and keep a check on payments and send automated reminders to clients and suppliers.

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CRM Automation

Automate repetitive tasks like setting reminders and scheduling payments etc. to cut down manual work and wastage of time.

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Email Alerts

Timely email alerts through cloud CRM Integration for Missed followups, Today’s followup, Balance Payments & more. We promise no repetitive emails

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Customer Review Management

Manage and check all your customer reviews and feedbacks in one place and work on them. Increase customer satisfaction and retain customers.

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Analyze your CRM leads, statistics, and get daily reports for leads, tasks, reviews, payment, etc. with only the information you need.

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Easy & Powerful

One of the easiest best CRM systems in the world. Most of our long term customers tried 2 to 3 other CRM software before choosing us.

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Client Management System

Assign most of your tasks to your online CRM system. Manage all your interactions with your customers and the complete contact information of your customer and along with this it can help you with managing and creating leads, automate your tasks, HR management, check analytics, get daily reports, forecast your sales. Everything you will ever need to maintain customer satisfaction and to ease your work operations.

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Online Invoice Software

Make professional online downloadable invoices with your brand name instead of traditional handwritten invoices and make your business stand out. With our express invoice software make multi-currency invoices and select from  100+ templates to add your personal touch and send the invoices fastly through email. Along with that, you can track your invoices easily and send reminders to your customers for invoice payments.

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Multi-Currency CRM Quotation

With an Online CRM system, you can create attractive professional multi-currency quotations to send to customers. You can also check quotations received from your clients and accept or reject them instantly.

Make quotations in the currency of your client’s country, so that it can be easy for them to understand and accept your quotations.

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Delivery Management CRM Tools

Ensure the timely and safe delivery of your products to all your customers with the best CRM tools to manage the delivery of the products.

A Best CRM program allows you to check all the scheduled deliveries, track and update the status of the shipment to the customers, and much more to help you increase customer satisfaction.

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Business Accounting Software

Along with helping you manage your customer interaction, a good CRM program can also help you in managing your profits and collecting your payments from your clients. With online accounting software, you can keep track of all your expenses, and payments from customers, send payment reminders to customers, receive payments online, etc.

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Team Task Management

Online CRM systems allow users to easily create tasks and keep tracking them easily. Assign tasks to your team according to your plans, update them into your CRM software and keep track of whether everything is going as your plans or not.

Create a to-do list for daily tasks, easily assign tasks, set milestones, receive reminders for due tasks, and report for task status.

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Simple HR Management

Save yourself from the hassle of managing your HR department and employee data yourself. CRM program’s efficient HR management system can handle all your HR-related tasks like salary rollout & management, employee data & history, employee attendance and leave management, etc. effectively.

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Powerful Review Management System

Never miss out on the reviews received from the customers regarding your product and services.

Add and update review questions on your website and other online platforms to know what customers think about your products and what changes they want to see for the better usage of the products.

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The best CRM software Built with 10 “NO’s”

Which will help you take your business to new heights !!

  • NO Installation required
  • NO Setup Required
  • NO Risk
  • NO Manual Work
  • NO manual Follow-up
  • NO BIG Investment
  • NO Long term commitment
  • NO Waiting time.
  • NO additional Software
  • NO Server /Hardware Investment


What is the Best CRM Software?

The Best Customer Relationship Management software helps businesses to virtually manage their relationships with the existing and potential customers in the most efficient way possible with inbuilt simple CRM tools like automation of tasks, storing all the customer data in a safe Cloud CRM database, invoice software, accounting tools, sales CRM software, and many other effective tools.

How does the Best CRM Software work?

The cloud CRM software is a subscription-based online CRM Program that completely works over the internet on remote cloud servers hosted by third-party companies that are responsible for the management and security of the user’s data. The data on the clouds can be easily accessed by users with an internet connection even on smartphones.

Which is the BEST CRM Software? Cloud CRM Software or On-premise CRM Tools?

Both the CRM platforms have their pros and cons. Let’s see which one is best for your business:

On-premise CRM software

For using On-premise CRM Software users are required to purchase a license by making an upfront payment. The software is installed on the company’s own servers and setup costs are borne by the users. Users have to pay additional costs for customizations. Data is completely in the company’s control, it is responsible for the security of the data, and data can only be accessed on the company systems.

On-premise software is best for large scale businesses who can bear the huge costs and store a huge collection of data securely on their servers.

Cloud CRM software

Cloud CRM Platform is a monthly subscription-based software. Data is stored on cloud servers hosted by a third-party with no additional setup cost. Customizations are available for free and the software vendor is completely responsible for the safety and proper storage of data. Data can be easily accessed with an internet connection anywhere.

Cloud-based CRM is the best option for small and medium businesses.

What is the use of the Best CRM Software Features of Online Invoicing?

Online Invoicing management in top CRM software can be very useful in the following ways:

1. Users can create professional invoices by adding their brand names.

2. Users have different template options to choose from to personalize the invoices.

3. Users have the option of automating the invoices that can save a lot of time.

4. The online invoicing of the CRM features easily integrates with third-party applications or software.

5. Allow clients to make online payments for invoices.

6. Estimates and quotations can also be made in the software.

What are the must-have Best CRM Software Features?

Following are the best CRM features:

  1. Managing the leads – A Top CRM software must be able to capture leads generated on your website or other platforms and identify the best ones that can be converted into business opportunities.
  2. Managing Your Contacts – An Online CRM software must have a contact management system that can store all your customer’s contact information properly.
  3. Easy Integration – A simple CRM system must be able to integrate with third-party applications and software so that it can be easy for the user to work and save time.
  4. Security – CRM system contains a lot of data related to business so it becomes necessary for a CRM vendor to provide the best possible secure servers and keep a check on the data.
  5. Analytics Reports – The Analytical CRM Program of the software would give the users reports by using the analytics that can help in forming future strategies and making decisions.

How does Best CRM Software help to get the best results?

To get the best results out of your online CRM software, consider the following steps:

  1. Objective – The first and the most important step is you need to know your specific objective behind using a CRM system for your business.
  2. Form the best CRM strategy  – Making a proper strategy to implement according to your objective for using an online CRM software can prove helpful.
  3. Choosing the Right Vendor – A good CRM software vendor with proper experience in the field must be selected for the best CRM program.
  4. Analyze the Data Properly – You must analyze the data collected by the CRM system properly and make decisions based on the data to get the best results.
  5. Automate Repetitive Tasks – You can use Top CRM solutions to automate repetitive tasks to save time and cut your manual to a large extent.

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Articles for Best CRM Software

How to choose the best CRM software?

Are you starting a new business and looking for the best CRM Software? Or do you have an established business and want to incorporate a CRM Software to automate your tedious tasks?

CRM software has now become crucial for a booming business. Irrespective of the size of your business, the best CRM Application not only reduce your manual tasks but will also improvise on managing your relationship with your customers. So, how do you decide which is the best CRM Software Solution available for your business? Well, take a look below before you make up your mind…

  • Understand the need for Top CRM System

Requirements of your business decide the type of CRM System you will need. It includes the tools and features of the software. The best CRM solutions not only help you in customer management but also make your job easy in creating new customers and retaining the old ones.

Here is a list of some CRM features that are applicable to all types of businesses:

  1. Invoice Software: You need to create an invoice irrespective of the type of business you are in. The more the templates the better.
  2. Client Management System: Be it your direct customers, sales partner, or your corporate clients, a good CRM software helps you manage all three.
  3. Feedback Management: Feedback is important for all businesses, be it a small, medium, or large.
  4. Account System: A simple account system to track all your expenses and payments is a feature that is a must-have for your business.
  5. CRM Automation: Apart from managing your regular tasks, aim to automate tasks like scheduling appointments, follow up reminders, payment reminders, and much more.
  • Cloud CRM Software Deployment

The deployment of the CRM software can be either On-Premise or Cloud Solution.

In the On-Premise solution, you own the software. Along with the software you also need the storage space in the form of required hardware and software and do not forget the IT personnel to maintain those. So apart from owning the server you also own a lot of responsibility to maintain it.

With the Cloud CRM Solution, you are liberated from all the issues. No requirement for the server or IT ability. You should simply sign in to your Cloud CRM Solution and you are good to go. The server has a place with the merchant so no upkeep cost is included. What more, you can get to use it through your different portable devices!!!!!

  • Top CRM System Interface

It is very important to have a user friendly CRM Solution. A user-friendly CRM Software saves the learning time and also saves the operating time.

An Online CRM Solution with a good interface, It should not irritate you, It must not slow you down, should help you quickly finish your tasks, and is intuitive.

  • Online CRM Software Price

A business, small or large, new or established, looks to reduce the cost of operation. The cost of the software is the most crucial factor while deciding upon the best CRM solution for your business.

Generally, the CRM software vendors provide a subscription plan depending upon the no. of users and the features. No. of users might increase the subscription cost of the software exponentially.

Choose the software where the subscription cost remains the same irrespective of the no. of users and the cost changes based on the no. of users.

Try out the software with the lowest subscription cost in the market, with No Annual Maintenance Charges!!! If you are starting a new business, it’s best that you could ask for! And if you are an established business owner, well, it’s time to reduce your operating cost!!!

  • Online CRM Software Features

So you have decided what your current business needs are… and you have narrowed down the software that you want. But did you check if it is suitable for your future needs? What if you decide to expand in the future and need extra features? Well, go for the CRM Solution that has got you covered for the future needs of your business.

Choose the one that can be easily integrated with your other software!!! 

  • Top CRM Software Features Demo

Lastly, choose the vendor that allows you to you a free demo of the software before taking the subscription. Get hands-on experience by trying out the software in the Free Demo. These free demos offer a free full-featured trial.

You can easily switch from the Demo Version to the Paid Version for the full deployment.

inji Software, the best CRM solution available in the market fulfills all the above criteria and more. It requires no long term commitments. You can choose from various billing plans starting from the monthly one. Get your business started on the safest server available with no huge cost involved.

Why choose the Best CRM Software with Online Invoicing Software?

Invoicing Is an important part of any business it holds the identity of your brand and it requires a lot of time to create and send invoices to your clients but with advanced CRM features like online Invoicing, it has become easy and timesaving for businesses to create invoices with lots of other useful features. Some are discussed below:

Express Invoice Software in Top CRM System

Online invoice software allows users to create professional invoices with a different choice of templates and adding their brand name to the invoice which looks better than hand-written ones and can be automated, saving the users from the hassle of creating new invoices every other customer.

Integration with Online CRM Software

One of the benefits of choosing an online CRM software with an invoicing program is that it easily integrates with other CRM features which save the hassle of transferring customer information from one program to another. It saves a lot of time in creating invoices as the user can easily get the customer information from integrated CRM software.

Sending Online Express Invoices with Top CRM System

With online invoicing software, users can create and send an invoice to the customers instantly via email and get paid faster, unlike the traditional ways where you had to courier the invoice and wait for it to reach the recipient for payments.

Online Billing CRM Software

Users can receive online payments through an online invoice program. Users can provide customers with a payment link to make instant payments through debit/credit cards, internet banking, UPI, and other digital platforms securely.

Best Invoice App for Quotations in Online CRM Software

The online Invoice software allows users to create and send estimates and quotations to their clients for potential business opportunities. Users can easily convert the created estimates into invoices if they finalize the deals. Users can also keep track of the status of estimates and quotations.

Sending Payment Reminders through Top CRM Software

Invoice programs make it easy for users to keep track of the payment status and send automated payment reminders to the clients and make sure they make the payments on time.

Keep a Check on Inventory Status with Top CRM System

Online Invoice Software allows users to enter inventory details on the software which automatically keeps updating after every sale and purchase of new inventory. This way user can check the status of inventory and other important pieces of information like expiry date and batch details whenever they need to and also get low stock alerts when new stock is required

Easy Invoicing CRM Software

Online invoicing can be easily accessed from anywhere and the users can make changes and refer to the information anytime over the internet, even on their smartphones.

Dropping the Chances of Errors with Cloud Invoicing CRM Software

Invoicing software is very advanced and accurate, they reduce the chance of human errors and ensure accuracy of data.

Timely Top CRM System Updates

Online CRM software vendors keep rolling out new updates that add new advanced features and enhance the security of data for no additional costs. Ensuring that the software stays up to date.

Invoicing software can help you with all these above-stated features. So, if you are a business owner looking for CRM software with invoicing. Check out inji software, it is the best CRM software in the market with other features like Invoicing system that has 70 different invoice templates to choose from and many more features that can help you stay ahead of your competitors and grow at a fast pace.

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How can Best CRM Software help in Increasing Sales?

With the increasing competition and customer preferences, it has become really important for companies to manage their relationships with existing customers and to reach potential customers. Simple CRM software can help you in solving this problem and grow your business.

CRM can help in increasing sales in the following ways:

Salesforce Automations with Top CRM System

Sales consist of several time-consuming processes like scheduling appointments, follow up reminders, and making payments on time and many more tasks. CRM software automates these processes which lower the chances of delays and helps you cut down your manual work by up to 70 – 80% giving you enough time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Pursuing CRM leads with Best CRM Software

Generating leads play a vital role in the sales cycle. Sales CRM software helps you in analyzing and following leads that can be converted into a potential business opportunity. You can add links to your social media pages and follow up on the captured leads on your website and social media pages and engage with your customers.

Leads Management Software on Online CRM Software

CRM system automatically collects leads from your website, social media, and other platforms and stores them safely on the CRM database. It also organizes data in a way it can be useful for the users.  It can help increase conversion rates drastically.

Best Contact Management System in Best CRM Software

CRM has a well-formed contact management system that stores all the contact information of customers, vendors, suppliers properly. You can access all the information in just the touch of a button.

Manage Top CRM System Reviews

Top CRM software helps you in the automation of the feedbacks from the customers. This helps you in identifying whether they are the leads for a potential business opportunity or suggestions from the customers so that they can be worked on accordingly.

Order and Delivery with Cloud CRM Software

Useful and efficient order and delivery management CRM tools can help you track each and every product and service delivery so that you can assure timely and safe delivery of your product to your customer and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management in Top CRM System

CRM tools can help you in maintaining good relationships with your customers. As you have all the data of your customers in one place, you can quickly identify your regular customers and offer them loyalty points and other exclusive offers that can help retain your customers for long.

Retaining Customers with Top CRM System

CRM systems help you with several different facilities to communicate and stay in touch with your customers, be it through promotional discounts or new product launch offers, special occasion greetings, and so on. This can help in making the customer feel valued and gaining their loyalty.

So if you are looking for CRM software with all these and many more features. Your search ends here with Inji Software.

Why inji Software?

inji software is the best CRM software in the market. It is a 100% Cloud CRM software, no application installation, or setup cost is required. User can make unlimited use of the software offerings at the most affordable in the market price without any long term commitments, you can discontinue anytime if you don’t need the software.

So what are you waiting for? get your inji software today.